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Education to improve the world

Actualizado: 26 dic 2019

Since 2017 I have been part of a LET GIRLS RISE Foundation that works for girls in Ecuador to have access to education, since many of them stop studying because of lack of money.

The foundation's campaigns include scholarships, book donations, a library plan for girls and boys across the country and sexual and reproductive education for girls who are teens.

Through sexual education campaigns we always include the playful part so that they learn about their body, how to understand and handle it in risk situations. Also expose them about different realities of a world full of opportunities for them.

Develop a campaign for an area of ​​the Amazon of Ecuador in which we collect backpacks and shoes to help 400 girls so can attend school more comfortable, since some of them walk up to 3 hours without shoes to go Daily to educate.

With the promise of a better future, and the possibilities that education opens to improve realities of our own or of entire communities, we are installing libraries of recycled material in the most vulnerable areas of the country, this is a campaign that is running until 2020.

Within the Foundation I am in charge of the development of donation campaigns, campaigns with brands, and the dissemination of realities regarding the education of girls in our country, this led me to be part of the GIRLS NOT BRIDES communication council for Latin America and The Caribbean, in which I also support campaigns to spread the problem.

I faithfully believe that education is the weapon to change the world, to make this one more fair for all genders, races and people of different social conditions.

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