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From fantasy to short film

Actualizado: 3 feb 2022

This is a program that was born to integrate art to children as a way to heal post-earthquake traumas of June 2016 in Ecuador, the first occurred in one of the most affected areas of the country in Manabí.

Through this workshop they can playfully learn to express themselves audiovisually, one of the techniques used is the "binomios fantásticos" represented with costumes to motivate their creativity.

Once the history creation workshop is carried out, basic techniques of using cameras for the recording of the history are explained, since this is also done by the children.

Once the shooting of the story is finished, it is edited, and a screening is made in which the whole community is invited, including the parents of the children so that they can appreciate the work developed by them.

This workshop has some volunteers mostly women interested in teaching and knowledge of audiovisual.

I faithfully believe in the power of education as a means to get many out of poverty, especially in arts education, which at the same time makes us connect with the inner voice, makes us externalize what we feel. Children of this era are potentially being educated to respond to logical systems, and art, arts education, which will serve us the rest of life to know how to manage our feelings and thus educate a generation Do not lose connection with the essence of your being.

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