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The creativity is an activity of being.

Xiomara Crespo, is an audiovisual artist that has passed from graphic design to film to express ideas, believes and social justice. Currently she has two audiovisual projects, Nosferatu and La Beteraba, which are production companies to create short films and were Venus was born.

Venus is a studio Xiomara directs where she dedicates to conceptualize and film commercials and ads. The objective of her projects is to incorporate the female perspective and work into the audiovisual process and educate girls in creativity through social projects.

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Xiomara's creativity boosts when she works with topics that she is passionate about and she is passionate about so many things. Her work is always wrapped with a great professionalism, a clear objective, a successful strategy and most important, a sincere message. We both have worked together in films, advertising campaigns and I am always in awe of her creativity and work.

Daiana Tanner


Xiomara is a very passionate person with his work, he knows perfectly what you want as a client, and he always supports you as a guide with his experience in the audiovisual media or how to expose your products, it is full of passion and patience.

Nassim Smith


Working with Xiomara is working with someone who perfectly understands what you are looking for and expect. The quality of their work is indisputable because it takes care of all the details and thinks about you, your project and your goals as if they were theirs. When you find someone with their level of commitment you know that you are with someone who loves what he does and when he puts passion nothing goes wrong.

Karla Morales




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